Canada Visitor ?

Shipping Ingredients and Raw Materials

All orders are prepared and shipped from our Canadian facility.

We ship orders to customers located in Canada and the United States.

International orders are permitted.

We are also trained with the know-how to manipulate and ship chemicals categorized as dangerous goods.

Regardless of the complexity of your requirements, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are tailored and followed. Our team will deliver the ingredients and raw materials with cost effective shipping solutions. We deliver and ship on-time, saving you time and allowing to maintain critical operations under budget.

ISO Cleanroom

State-of-the-art cleanroom facility is a Certified ISO environment.

→ Additionally offered to larger customers as a full-service cleanroom equipped to accommodate personalized requirements and specifications.

Website online orders

Our online website allows online purchases with a live real-time inventory management system.

Some products may require our compliance and regulatory team to enable the set-up of your account.

Accuracy of Information and Compliance

We are dedicated to providing accuracy of the information to all customers.

→ Certificate of Analysis available for all products.

First-time buyers may be required to submit documentation.

Keeping Customers Informed

→ When orders are placed, customers receive a confirmation email to verify the details before shipment.

→ When orders are ready, customers receive a shipment notification email with carrier and tracking information.